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Party and Event Styling

Let it B Love, is a event + styling company here in Nashville TN, that specialize in kids luxury parties.


The Stylist

Hey y'all, I'm Jessi, creator & owner of Let it B Love. As a stay at home mama, I wanted to create a service that would not only help provide for my family, but offer opportunities and dreams to kids in our community. 

Each party is handcrafted and customized to create each kiddos dream celebration. My husband builds our product and I design & style them. We're a full on service that comes to your home, styles your celebration from set up to tear down. You celebrate, we decorate. 

Our mission is that the kids we serve would not only feel loved & celebrated, but that they would become inspired to pay that love forward to others. You may be little, but can love so big! 

With every party booked, we're able to give back to kids in the community. Our biggest project to date has been updating the downtown safe room here in Nashville. this is where kids are placed while in the process of foster care. We've been able to collect donations throughout the community, purchase toys, furniture & supplies to create a peaceful & more positive place for them to rest during this crisis. We are a proud supporter of Tennessee Alliance for Kids, and Bloom Family Designs, and Operation Save a Life here in the Nashville area. 

Behind every party there's a purpose, behind every purpose theirs a kid.

1 John 4:12

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